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We are partnering with organizations in 7 California counties to develop a network of community ‪#‎JusticeTeams. #JusticeTeams are building a radical resistance across California to challenge the police state and fight back against mass incarceration. Watch the video and learn more.


Photo credit: Brooke AndersonJustice Teams will mobilize communities throughout California to respond radically to law enforcement violence.

What are Justice Teams?

Justice Teams for Truth and Reinvestment will be local rapid response networks across the state of California that will build infrastructure to support victims and survivors of state violence and mass criminalization. These teams will advance local Truth and Reinvestment campaigns that will raise the visibility of a long history and current reality of state violence and mass criminalization, while advocating for the redirection of resources toward employment, education opportunities, and public health-based responses to drugs and violence.

Each Justice Team will have between 5-20 members and be comprised of four crucial parts:

  • Rapid responders: members who engage with community members and guide the victims or survivors on the necessary steps after an encounter with law enforcement 
  • Organizers to advance Truth and Reinvestment: members who lead campaigns redirecting law enforcement and jail funds toward healthcare, mental health, employment, and other services in their respective counties
  • Legal support and aid: lawyers with civil and criminal experience to aid families who have had encounters with law enforcement. 
  • Healing justice practitioners: social workers and alternative healers to help manage the longstanding and devastating consequences of trauma associated with state violence

In the fall of 2015, we kicked off the #CaravanForJustice with the ACLU of California to launch the Justice Teams. The caravan featured survivors of law enforcement violence and grassroots organizers who travelled to ten cities throughout California to mobilize communities of color against police brutality. Read more about the caravan on our blog.

Photo credit: Brooke AndersonThe Justice Teams network has launched in these seven California counties with these anchor organizations:

To join a Justice Team near you, or learn how you can support their work, please contact our State Advocate, Taina Vargas-Edmond:

Learn more about how to get involved in our work.